Napoleon Dynamite may not be funny, but it’s not unenjoyable

Did people fall in love with this movie because they thought it was funny, or because they related so much to it?


The discussion of Napoleon Dynamite starts at 3:10.

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Laci and I discussed the 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite on Load Bearing Beams. As she explains, Laci first saw this movie when she was 20 and was utterly confused by it. Wanting to understand what all the fuss was about, she watched it again and again, trying to “get” it, and ultimately kind of/sort of/but maybe not really fell in love with it. Revisiting it after so many years, her reaction was mixed, as was mine. This is a movie that has the guts to go for it, and there really is nothing like it. But does it work? I’m not so sure. And yet I haven’t stopped doing Napoleon impressions since we watched it.


Napoleon Dynamite

Director: Jared Hess

Napoleon: Jon Heder
Kip: Aaron Ruell
Pedro: Efren Ramirez
Uncle Rico: Jon Gries
Deb: Tina Majorino

Released: June 11, 2004

Box Office: $46.1 million




Napoleon Dynamite was based on a short film made by director Jared Hess and actor Jon Heder when they were in film school.

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The Other Movie

Blade Runner

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