Jon and Dany getting married wouldn’t make them, like, co-monarchs

The principal theme of Game of Thrones (both the TV show and the book series on which it is based) is powerful people squabbling with each other to either obtain more power or to preserve the power they already have, all the while ignoring the massive existential crises encircling all of humanity. It’s a version of the classic “fiddling while Rome burns” trope, and Thrones explicitly announces this idea numerous times, with mystical characters staring into flames and declaring the war for the Iron Throne to be meaningless while the real war lies in the North, or else characters lecturing each other for their elitism–“You think these peasants give a shit who sits on the throne?” This has been reiterated so much by the show that one gets the impression its the show’s own critique of its viewers who focus on the titular game for the throne rather than worrying about the plague of unstoppable ice zombies.

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This Pokémon Thing Will Never Last

In the summer of 1998 I was ten years old and a subscriber to a now-defunct magazine called Nintendo Power. And it was in this capacity as a Power subscriber that I received a mysterious VHS cassette in the mail that looked a lot like this: It being 1998, when you...

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